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Aug 6

Written by: Hong De Administrator
Friday, 6 August 2010 4:19 PM 

In the recent World Lion Dance Championships, held in Genting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (23rd-25th July 2010), a total of 27 teams participated form all over the world with strong dominance of teams from Asia. Australia was represented by teams from Sydney and Brisbane. We were privileged to be asked to help our in the 45-lion opening ceremony on Friday night. Tickets for the Finals on Sunday were sold out two weeks prior. The highlights of the event included some great performances by the Malaysian and Chinese teams on Day Two and during the Finals. The winning team this year was the defending champion - Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance team 5  with an unusual opening to their performance. The first runner up trophy went to another Malaysian team - Kwong Ngai Lion Dance and the second runner up trophy went to KSK Team 6 (a first time entrant). The title of Eastern Lion King was reclaimed by KSK and Western Lion King was reclaimed by USA White Crane.

45 lions at the opening ceremonyNew KSK Lion King ChampionsFINALS SCORES:
1 Malaysia Kun Seng Keng team 5 - 9.27
2 Malaysia Kwong Ngai - 9.20
3 Malaysia Kun Seng Keng team 6 - 9.19
4 China Cheung Keung - 9.12
5 USA White Crane - 9.07
6 China Guangzhou Panyu Shatoujie - 9.06
7 China Guangxi Beibu Wan - 8.54
8 Malaysia Gor Chor - 8.47
9 Thailand Dragon and Lion Dance Federation B - 7.60

Youtube videos of some of the performances have been uploaded on our Youtube channel.




Presentation for all the Genting JudgesMalaysia Kun Seng KengAustralian Khuan YeeJapanese Yokohama Overseas Chinese School

Australian Cheung KeungAustralian Cheung KeungAustralia Khuan YeeAustralian Khuan Yee

Preliminary Round - China Cheung KeungPreliminary - Mauritius Golden Lion CirclePreliminary - Malaysia Kwong Ngai

Preliminary - Thailand team BHong Kong Cheung Keung

Hong Kong Wong Kwok CheungPreliminary - Malaysia Kun Seng Keng Team 6Malaysia Kun Seng Keng Team 6 at RehearsalMalaysia Kun Seng Keng - blessings at the Genting TempleHong De members with the famous tail player for KSK team 4

Preliminary - Malaysia Gor ChorUSA White Crane flying during the FinalsFinals - Malaysia Kun Seng Keng Team 6

Finals - Malaysia Kun Seng Keng Team 5 (Famous 360 kick)Double lion performance - Khuan Loke and Khuan YeeAustralia Khuan YeeAustralia Cheung Keung

Mauritius Golden Circle Lion - first time participantsAustralian International Lion Dance Judge - Charles Nee (Khuan Yee)Eastern Lion King - USA Leung's White CraneEastern Lion King - Malaysia Kun Seng Keng

Hong De members with International Lion Dance Judge - Master SiowHong De and Eastern Lion Kings - KSK Team 5 and coachHong De, Australia Cheung Keung and Hong Kong Cheung KeungAustralia Khuan Yee

Australia Cheung KeungAustralia Khuan Yee and Hong De members




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