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Jul 4

Written by: Hong De Administrator
Friday, 4 July 2008 12:51 AM 

Team list for the event is now finalised.  Preliminary rounds will be held on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th July at the Genting Highlands, KL, Malaysia.  The Australian teams competing will be Khuan Yee Lion Dance from Brisbane and a combined team (Chinese Youth League and Jin Wu Koon) from Sydney.  For the first time at this Championship, the 'jong' setup will be in a standard formation, in a cross pattern.  Teams are have the flexibility to elect which side they wish to perform on, the only condition (apart from time limitations) is that they have to reach the centre of the cross.

We wish all the Aussie teams well in the competition.  The final for the event will be held on Sunday 20th July.  Scores from the event will be posted on our website.

Link to the Championship Details.

Team lists for the event:

Competing on Day 1 of the competition (18th July) are:
1 Guangxi Wuzhou Cangwu Xin An Lion Dance Troupe, China
2 Chinese Taipei Dragon And Lion Dance Association Team A
3 Kun Seng Keng Lion And Dragon Dance Association Team E, Malaysia
4 Yiwei Athletic Association Singapore
5 Hong Kong Cheung Keung Martial Arts Association
6 Khuan Yee Lion Dance Association, Australia
7 Dragon Phoenix Lion Dance Troupe Indonesia
8 Maha Bodhi Society, Tawau, Malaysia
9 Guangdong Zhongshan Long Ju Huan Weixin Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe, China
10 Hong Tuck Athletic Association, Hong Kong
11 Guangxi Rongshui Miaozu Yixin Tang Lion Dance Troupe, China
12 Doan Lan Su Rong Nhon Nghia Duong - TPHCM, Vietnam Team B
13 Yi Dao Dragon And Lion Dance Association, UK
14 Barongsai Yayasan Sosial Kong Ha Hong Jakarta Indonesia

On Day 2 (19th July),
15 International Dragon Style Wong Kwok Cheung Martial Arts Association Hong Kong
16 Chinese Youth League of Australia and Jin Wu Koon Lion & Dragon Team, Australia
17 Chong Hwa Middle School Lion Dance Troupe, Brunei
18 Leung's White Crane Dragon & Lion Dance Association, San Francisco, USA
19 Kun Seng Keng Lion And Dragon Dance Association Team D, Malaysia
20 Thailand Dragon and Lion Dance Federation
21 Chinese Chamber of Commerce Lion Dance Troupe, BSB Brunei
22 Persatuan Seni Goh Chor Wushu Tarian Singa Segamat, Malaysia
23 Chinese Taipei Dragon and Lion Dance Association Team C
24 Nam Sieng Dragon & Lion Dance Activity Centre, Singapore
25 Wei Yong Dragon & Lion Dance Centre, Singapore
26 BORDNG PSMTI Tarakan, Indonesia
27 Doan Lan Su Rong Nhon Nghia Duong-TPHCM, Vietnam Team A
28 Associao Desportiva e Recreative Hong Vai, Macau



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Hong De Lion Dance Friends

Hong De Lion Dance Association would like to acknowledge support (with loan of equipment, recommendations, coaching) and friendship from the following lion and dragon dance teams:

Khuan Yee Lion Dance Association, Brisbane
Gingmo Academy, Perth
Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne, Melbourne
Khuan Loke Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Malaysia
Hong De Lion Dance Association, Subang, Malaysia
Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance Ass'n,  Malaysia
Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance Ass'n, Indonesia
Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance Ass'n, Singapore
Kong Ha Hong Lion Dance, Indonesia
Hung Gar Yau Shu, Melbourne
Chinese Youth League, Sydney
Jin Wu Koon, Sydney
Cheung Keung Lion Dance, Sydney
Cheung Keng Lion Dance, Hong Kong
Prosperous Mountain Lion Dance, Canberra
Deng Sifu, Melbourne
Siow Sifu, Wan Seng Hang, Malaysia
Ting Sifu, Singapore Dragon & Lion Athletic Association 
Quah Beng Chye, Penang, Malaysia
Yi Sifu, Singapore Yi Long International

Members of Hong De, Khuan Yee, Singapore Yi Wei and UK Yi Dao with Siow Sifu outside Wan Seng Hang

Hong De, Jin Wu Koon, Chinese Youth League and Khuan Yee at Market City LionFest2008

Glen Waverley Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival 2009 - Hong De and Khuan Yee teams

Hong De and Prosperous Mountain LD (Canberra) at the Sydney Opera House

Jin Wu Koon, Chinese Youth League, Prosperous Mountain and Hong De at the Sydney Opera House

Khuan Yee and Hong De lions at The CNY and Lantern Festival, Glen

 Moomba Parade 2010 - DTF's from CYSM, HGYS and Hong De

Indonesia KSK and Kong Ha Hong, Sentosa, Singapore - 2011

Centenary Concert with CYSM and HGYS (2011)

Melbourne Chinatown

Indonesia Kong Ha Hong, Jakarta

Indonesia Kun Seng Keng, Jakarta

Hong De Dragon and Lion Dance


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