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To book us for a performance, please email us for a quoatation at OR phone Cecilia on 0422 439 114 (English, Mandarin and Cantonese) OR Vincent on 0413 132 531 (English and Cantonese). Please leave a message if the phone call is not answered and we will get back to you when convenient. OR fax us on +61 3 8677 7668.


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Author: Hong De Administrator Created: Tuesday, 20 May 2008 10:58 PM
News on Hong De Lion Dance activities.

Drakelyn and Anthony 8Jun2014Celine and John - 14Jun2014 It's getting colder in Melbourne now and that means a low season for weddings. We managed to perform at two weddings in the month of June on Sunday 8th for Anthony and Drakelyn at Crown River Room. On the following Saturday, we lit one string of firecrackers at the groom's parents' house for John and his bride Celine, followed by a lion dance performance at their reception that night at Rise in Docklandsd. Congratulations to both couples and we wish you all the best for the future! Thank you for inviting us to be part of your celebrations!

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We had two birthday celebrations over a week ago. One was for a 70th birthday celebration in Sunshine. Our two lions were a surprise for guests at the party. Afterwards, we enjoyed the great feast afterwards! A few days later, we were performing on a backyard tennis court in Brighton for a 30th birthday celebration - another first for Hong De!

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A late booking for a photographer/friend's brother shop opening.We were in Queen Street, Nunawading over a week ago for an opening of a new automotive garage. The video of our performance can be found here. Thank you Grace and Gabriel for inviting us to be part of your celebrations!

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 We hosted a lion dance workshop for Ging Mo Academy from Perth on the weekend. Sifu Gawain Siu and his senior instructors were here in Melbourne for a Wushu competition and spent Saturday training with us. We met Sifu Gawain in Genting in 2008 and have kept in touch ever since. We spent the day training and in exchange the Ging Mo team showed us their Wushu competition routines. Both teams benefitted from the exchange. We wish them well in the Wushu competition. We would like to thank Sifu Gawain for the Acknowledgement Certificate for our Commitment, Generosity and Dedication to promoting Chinese Lion and Dragon Dancing in Australia. We hope to see them again in the near future. Thank you for visiting our Clubhouse.

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 We had a very busy weekend with four performances over two days. After two shop openings on Friday, we had two weddings to attend on Saturday. The first one was for Linda and Brad at Manningham Receptions in Doncaster. We performed for the guests before the bridal party entered the room. The groom entered the room with a rickshaw carrying his bride. We finished off our performance afterwards. Then, we had to go to the city for our next performance at Crown for Nadia and Rere. Unfortunately, we did not take a photo at this reception. Thank you to both couples for inviting us to be part of your wedding celebrations. Wishing you all a very happy future together!

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 The Emporium in Melbourne finally opened just before Easter after years of being closed for construction. The new shopping complex now links Melbourne Central through to Myer and David Jones on several levels. We were pleased to be invited to the opening of the fourth South Melbourne Market Dim Sims shop, run by brothers Philip and Edward Cheng. The shop is located on L3 in the food court area. A video of our performance can be seen here. Thank you Phil and Edward for inviting us again and we wish you every success in your business venture!

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 It was ANZAC day in Australia yesterday and a few shops took this opportunity to celebrate their openings. The first one we performed at was in Box Hill Centro for a hair salon, located near Big W. Congratulations and we wish them every success!

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On the weekend we were invited to perform at Virginia and Tim's wedding. The wedding took place in the library of the Fitzroy Town Hall and our lion (which was a surprise for the guests) lead the couple outside to the steps of the Town Hall. As the guests gathered around outside, the lion performed on the steps. It was certainly a spectacular backdrop and we took some great photos! Thank you Virginia and Tim for inviting us to be part of your celebration!

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Festival in Sale

Festival in SaleOn the weekend, we travelled to Sale (about 2.5 hours from Melbourne) for the very first Face of Australia Festival. It was a Food, Wine and Music Festival with entertainment and food stalls for the entire day. We were very lucky that the weather was good enough for us to perform outside delighting many of the locals who attended, some of them have never seen a lion dance before! Thank you to Denise from Handen Special Events for organising the Festival and inviting us to perform! 
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 Last week was Multicultural Diversity Week in Melbourne. We had so many requests from schools that we couldn't accept! Fortunately we were able to perform last Thursday night at the Melton Library for their Cultural evening. There were food, dances, singing and of course a lion dance to finish off the evening. Thank you Anne McLennan for organising the activity and it was well attended!

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Rachel and Yijun at Myer Mural HallAnother busy week last week for our lions! We had a last minute booking for a movie shoot in two scenes for a local film starring the Youtube sensation MyChonny. We were lucky to have a drummer and two lion dancers available for a daytime location shoot last week. Here is a link to a photo of our lion Sentosa with MyChonny taken on location.

On Saturday night, we had our first double wedding booking this year (yes, there is another double wedding booking next month). We were lucky to be able to schedule both bookings in on the same night. The first one was for Fleming and Stephanie held at Leonda Receptions in Hawthorn and the second one was for Rachel and Yijun at Myer Mural Hall. Congratulations to both couples and we wish the very best for the future!

By the way, we have started an Instagram account, you can find us @HongDeLionDragon (link on the sidebar)

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 UAG ApartmentsUAG Emblem ApartmentsWe were initially asked to do blessings at a new apartment block in Hawthorn on a weekday. After explaining to UAG Holdings that we do not have weekday availability, they decided to change the time to suit us. So, on a Wednesday evening, after work, 10 of our members performed at the Emblem Apartments. Our lions blessed the lobby area followed by the shops/office areas on the ground levels. Afterwards, we went up to the Penthouse and performed both inside and on the balcony with the sun setting in the city skyline as a backdrop. Thank you Nicole for inviting us to perform for UAG Holdings again, we had a blast!

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Asian Grocery Store OpeningCraigieburn FestivalChinese New Year was officially over for us last week, the first of the non-CNY bookings were on last weekend. We kicked off the weekend with a corporate function for NAFDA at Luminare on Friday night. We had a really good audience by the time we performed. On Saturday we travelled to Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre and performed for an opening of an Asian Grocery Store with two lions and 5 strings of crackers! Oh boy, there was a massive clean up afterwards and we forgot to pack an extra broom! After a quick lunch and a change in lion, we headed off to Canterbury for a wedding performance inside a church. This was our second wedding performance in a church! We were a surprise for all the wedding guests and we started off the drumming softly so that we would not scare the guests! On Sunday, we headed off to the other side of town to Craigieburn. This is the fourth year we have performed for the Craigieburn Festival. Our team had a quick dodgem car ride before we performed! A busy weekend, but it was good to see smiling faces at our performances!

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 Despite a very hot and windy day last Sunday, the show still went on. We experienced up to 60kph winds in Glen Waverley and had to modify our performance to suit. So unfortunately we were unable to do the jong show as promnised at 12pm. Our dragon performed in front of the VIPs. Towards the end of the day, after we had done all the shop blessings, there was a cool change and the winds had died down. We had a huge crowd gathered for the 5pm show. Both the performances can be viewed below. Photos can be found on the Glen Waverley CNY Lantern Festival fan page on Faceboook. Thank you everyone for your support!

 A summary video on GoPro
Dragon Dance - Version One, GoPro version
Lion on Jongs - Version One, GoPro version

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Federation SquareWestfield SouthlandWhat a busy two weeks we've had. Our crew battled with the very hot weather we've had and also high winds in Glen Waverley. We were very proud to be given the opportunity to perform our Dragon, Mushu for the very first time on the first day of Chinese New Year at Melbourne Market Authority. Our crew arrived at 5:30am and after lighting a string of firecrackers, the dragon roved around the entire market for the next hour! On the next day, Mushu made an appearance at Federation Square. Lots of beautiful photos were taken and they can be viewed on our Facebook Fan Page. Some videos of our performances have been uploaded to Youtube, links below.

- Dragon at Melbourne Market
- Dragon at Federation Square
- Lion Music at Westlake
- Lions at Southland

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Kaitrin and Nixon's wedding at The International BrightonMichelle and Michael at L'Amour St AlbansWe had two wedding bookings in December. The first was for Kaitrin and Nixon's wedding at the Georgian Room at The International in Brighton. This performance was timed to perfection as we had another booking in the city straight afterwards. The next wedding was two days later at L'Amour Receptions in St Albans for Michelle and Michael. This one was earlier than we expected, just as well we got there early! The dance floor was HUGE - big enough for a dragon performance.... We would like to thank both couples for booking us and we wish them all the best for the future!

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Khuan Yee Lion Dance Association, Brisbane
Gingmo Academy, Perth
Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne, Melbourne
Khuan Loke Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Malaysia
Hong De Lion Dance Association, Subang, Malaysia
Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance Ass'n,  Malaysia
Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance Ass'n, Indonesia
Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance Ass'n, Singapore
Kong Ha Hong Lion Dance, Indonesia
Hung Gar Yau Shu, Melbourne
Chinese Youth League, Sydney
Jin Wu Koon, Sydney
Cheung Keung Lion Dance, Sydney
Cheung Keng Lion Dance, Hong Kong
Prosperous Mountain Lion Dance, Canberra
Deng Sifu, Melbourne
Siow Sifu, Wan Seng Hang, Malaysia
Ting Sifu, Singapore Dragon & Lion Athletic Association 
Quah Beng Chye, Penang, Malaysia
Yi Sifu, Singapore Yi Long International

Members of Hong De, Khuan Yee, Singapore Yi Wei and UK Yi Dao with Siow Sifu outside Wan Seng Hang

Hong De, Jin Wu Koon, Chinese Youth League and Khuan Yee at Market City LionFest2008

Glen Waverley Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival 2009 - Hong De and Khuan Yee teams

Hong De and Prosperous Mountain LD (Canberra) at the Sydney Opera House

Jin Wu Koon, Chinese Youth League, Prosperous Mountain and Hong De at the Sydney Opera House

Khuan Yee and Hong De lions at The CNY and Lantern Festival, Glen

 Moomba Parade 2010 - DTF's from CYSM, HGYS and Hong De

Indonesia KSK and Kong Ha Hong, Sentosa, Singapore - 2011

Centenary Concert with CYSM and HGYS (2011)

Melbourne Chinatown

Indonesia Kong Ha Hong, Jakarta

Indonesia Kun Seng Keng, Jakarta

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