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To book us for a performance, please email us for a quoatation at OR phone Cecilia on 0422 439 114 (English, Mandarin and Cantonese) OR Vincent on 0413 132 531 (English and Cantonese). Please leave a message if the phone call is not answered and we will get back to you when convenient. OR fax us on +61 3 8677 7668.


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Author: Hong De Administrator Created: Tuesday, 20 May 2008 10:58 PM
News on Hong De Lion Dance activities.

Dragon Boat RegattaPappaRich QV OpeningWe had a very busy Labour Day weekend with performances on every day - 4 days in a row! It was almost like Chinese New Year again! We were of course very excited to be involved in the Mimco Dreamwrap launch for L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. We appeared on the Today Show on Channel Nine on Friday morning at 6:30am (Yes, a very early call), a 50th birthday party in Taylors Hill on Saturday night, back to the Docklands on Sunday for the Dragon Boat Regatta and finally on Monday we were at QV for the opening of the first PappaRich restaurant in Melbourne. Now that most of our performances are done, we start training this Sunday (18/3/2012) from 11am to 2pm at Fusion Dance.

Some VDO links to some of the performances:
- Dragon Boat Regatta at Victoria Harbour
- PappaRich Opening at QV

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Peter and Angela at Capri ReceptionsAndrew and Aimee at Aurora ReceptionsIt's been a while since Hong De has travelled to Geelong. We were booked last year to perform at a wedding reception in Geelong. After picking up everyone, we went to Ocean Grove and had dinner with one of our members at their beach house. Afterwards we peformed at the wedding venue in front of about 200 guests. The lions were well received by the guests at the wedding which was good to hear! Thank you and Congratulations to both Peter and Angela!

The following week, we were off to Brunswick for Aimee and Andrew's wedding at Aurora Receptions. We were very well received by the guests as the opening entertainment for the night. Congratulations to another lovely couple. Best wishes for the future!

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Darebin Kite FestivalCraigieburn FestivalTo capture the most of Melbourne's summer weather, there are usually a number of festivals in the month of February. We were asked again by the organisers of the Darebin Kite Festival and the Craigieburn Festival to be involved in entertainment two weekends in a row. On Sunday 19th, we were at the All Nations Park in Northcote. We have performed for this festival three years in a row now. It was an overcast day but very hot, so we cooled off in between performances with lots of water, juices and icy pops!We did some spot performances as well as the traditional parade around the park, joined by other performers and musicians. The following weekend we were at the DS Aitken Reserve in Craigieburn. The weather this year was much better than last year's (it rained). We had a little fan sitting at the front waiting for us to performed - she has followed us to three of our performances this month! It was good to see a familiar face in the crowd. Thank you to Emily from the City of Darebin and Alisha from the City of Hume for involving us again this year!

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Taoist Tai Chi Grand OpeningTaoist Tai Chi Grand OpeningOn Saturday 11th February, Hong De lions were present at the grand opening of the Taoist Tai Society school in Brunswick. The lions started after we lit a string of firecrackers in the doorway before heading upstairs to the Tai Chi studio. Our lions performed in front of a large crowd gathered for the opening. We would like to thank Rhonda for booking us and we wish you every success with the school!

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Camberwell Grammar SchoolBalwyn North Primary SchoolStudents were back at school after Chinese New Year this year. However, this did not stop some schools organising late CNY celebrations. We were able to perform at two of our regular schools in February this year. We were at Camberwell Grammar School on Monday 6/2, performing for students in Middle School during their lunch hour. We gathered a huge crowd including a lot of the teachers from the school. Afterwards, we posed for photos with teachers from the Chinese Department. On Thursday 23/2, we performed at Balwyn North Primary School at their CNY event after school. At the end of the performance, we lit a string of firecrackers as part of the performance. Thank you to both Mr Wei from Camberwell Grammar and Ms Shu from Balwyn North Primary School for inviting us to participate in their festivities this year!

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Federation Square performanceHong De lions helped celebrate Chinese New Year at Federation Square on Sunday 29th January. This is our second year at Fed Square and it was good to see so many tenants participating in traditional CNY celebrations. Our lions performed on the main stage with the lighting of two strings of firecrackers at the end of the performance. This was followed by shop blessings at most of the shops in Fed Square. It was a hot weekend, but it was great that we performed inside as well as under shade. Thank you to Roland for helping with all the logistics and paperwork involved - the results were well worth it at the end.


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Main Stage opening performanceCentre Stage Bench performanceHong De Lions performed at our fourth year of the Glen Waverley Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. The weather forecast for the day was not very good as there was rain predicted in the afternoon. We managed to get most of our performances done before the rain came down on us late in the afternoon. Our day started with a stage performance for the opening of the festival for the VIP's with our two lions. Later, the CYSM dragon team performed on the Centre Stage while we watched on. Our team performed on the Centre Stage with several routines. Despite the really windy day, our lion did a remarkable bench routine. Our Buddha made an appearance entertaining the crowd before our four lions made an appearance for the finale. Afterwards, we performed shop blessings at several shops along Kingsway followed by two performances in City Century Walk. It started raining towards the endo of the shop blessings and lucky for us, the last performance was indoors where a lot of people were sheltering from the rain. Thank you to the team for a very busy day! Youtube link to our performances - Enjoy!
Main Stage performance
Centre Stage - Bench routine, Four lions 
Shop Blessings and CCW

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ACEC Chinese New Year Charity Ball at Crown PalladiumHong De Lions peformed at our third Chinese New Year Charity Ball this year, organised by the Australian Chinese Events Committee. The event was held again at the Crown Palladium. Our four lions were the opening act for the evening, collecting red packet donations from over 400 guests in the Ballroom. The 4 corporate sponsors (Central Equity, ANZ Bank, The Hour Glass and Masterlink) of the event offered lettuces for the lions. We donated the red packets ($700) and also a lion dance performance voucher for auction later in the night. A total of $1400 was raised by Hong De towards an neonatal incubator for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Well done team!!

Youtube link to the performance.

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Westpac function at Shanghai DynastyFamous Pacific Shipping function at Shark Fin HouseDuring Chinese New Year it is not unsual for our lions to be booked by different Corporate functions. This year we had bookings at workplaces, restaurants and reception venues. We would like to thank in particular our regular clients - Orient Express Travel, FMSA Architects, Westwaters Hotel and Famous Pacific Shipping. We would also like to welcome our new clients (some of them were booked through booking agencies) and hope to see them again next year - AMP, Citibank, NAB, Westpac, Zheng He Global and Makmur. Nearly all of these functions were double lion performances and some with double firecracker lightings.

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High Street Preston Shop BlessingsPreston Market performanceWe were very happy to be involved with the Preston CNY Festivities on Saturday 28th January. We were booked very early last year for this very well planned event. We performed shop blessings at over 20 shops and restaurants along High Street Preston. It was good to see so many non-Asian shops participate in the blessings. It was a very hot weekend and we needed a well deserved drink break in the middle of all the performances. At the same time another lion dance troupe, the Central Victorian Lion Dance Troupe performed inside Preston Market. When we were finished we performed in the middle of the Market before heading off to our next destination that afternoon. A total of over $2400 was raised by both lion teams and this was donated to a charity.
Youtube link to our Preston performances.

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Coco Chine Caroline SpringsGinger House BrightonDuring the two weeks of Chinese New Year, our lions went to a number of suburbs. Photos were taken at most of these restaurants. We would like to thank our clients for their continual support every year. We were at the following locations:
- Prahran Market (24/1)
- House blessing in Mt Waverley (24/1)
- Humble House Brighton (24/1 and 25/1)
- Fongs East Bentleigh (24/1)
- Cyclo de Saigon and Coco Chine Point Cook (27/1) - Youtube VDO Link
- Lion Dance Restaurant Williamstown (27/1)
- ChinaT Cairnlea (28/1)
- Westwaters Hotel Caroline Springs (28/1)
- ChinaT Point Cook (29/1, 4/2)
- Coco Chine Caroline Springs (3/2)
- House blessing in Brighton (4/2)

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Melbourne Market when we were finished at 6am!Our third Citibank performanceOur busiest day of the year! We had to split up into two teams both day and night to cover all the bookings on CNY day. Our day started at 5am at the Melbourne Wholesale Fruit Market with two teams covering the whole market. This is our second year at MMA and not our last! Afterwards, one team headed off to Melbourne Airport for a 3 hour booking and the other team rested before heading off to Box Hill Centro with performances in both shopping centres. We then covered several bookings in the city for Orient Express Travel, Paramount Health and Spa, Brazillian Crystal, Jalan Alor, MV Anderson, FMSA, Citibank (3 performances), Charming Spice, NAB at QV, NAB at 555 Collins Street. It was after 3:30pm before we re-grouped and had lunch together. After a short rest, we were out again, one team in the city covering Kum Den, New Kum Den, Shanghai Dynasty and Passionflower. The other team covered Seven Stars in East Bentleigh and Ginger House in Brighton.


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New Kum DenOn the weekend before Chinese New Year, our lions were very busy with performances all over town. On Saturday 21/1 we were at Melbourne Airport for 3 hours, then off to the opening of Transform Spinal in Braybrook, Lalor library for Chinese from the North. A second team took over in the afternoon and went to Atherton Gardens and Shoya Japanese restaurant that night. On Chinese New Year's Eve, our lions were at WTC Wharf for the CNY Dragon Boat Regatta followed by a very nice lunch for the team at Westlake restaurant. Later that night, we were back in Chinatown for performances at New Kum Den, Kum Den, Quanjude Duck, Shanghai Dynasty and Westlake restaurants with lots of firecrackers going off that night!

Youtube link to our CNYE performances in Chinatown

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Dragon Boat CNY RegattaDragon Boat CNY RegattaIt was our pleasure to perform for Dragon Boat Victoria at WTC Wharf on Chinese New Year's Eve. Our Junior team performed under the lions under the watchful eye of our Seniors who were helping with music and firecrackers. After a quick rove down WTC Wharf, in front of many amused dragon boat rowers, we performed under the shade of the entrance to WTC. The VIP guests included Mr Trevor Hubbard, Jonathan and Jenny Mayne, David Wong, Mr and Mrs Clement Wong. We ended our performance with our last string of the big firecrackers which must have been heard from Crown Casino!!

Youtube link to our performance

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Point Cook CNY Street Fair Our Buddha with a jar of wineOn Friday 20/1, Hong De Lion performed at the first ever Chinese New Year Street Fair in Point Cook. There were street stalls set up in Murnong Street with lots of people at the Fair. A huge crowd gathered for dancing and singing performances earlier in the night. Our lion concluded entertainment for the night by parading down the street and performing on the stage outside Point Cook Town Centre. Our Buddha started off the performance and then awakened our lion. The lion entertained the crowd by throwing oranges to the audience and the Buddha was throwing Chinese 'Red Packet' lollies to the kids. Thank you to Shannon and Kate for booking us for the event. We look forward to next year's CNY Street Fair! Youtube VDO link.

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 Airside at Melbourne International AirportMelbourne International AirportThis year marks our third year of Chinese New Year performances at Melbourne International Airport. For the first time this year, we were performing on the other side! Yes, we all had to bring our passports or drivers licence so that we can go through security and go 'Airside'. We had to hydrate up beforehand as we were not allowed to bring any liquids through security. Our lion had to be scanned through the security scanner, it just fit but the drum did not! It was fun roaming through the new terminals at the airport. Airport staff were handing our HappyLab chocolates to passengers and our lion was giving our 'Red Packet' lollies. There were lots of happy faces at the airport when they saw our lion. Our lion loved eating Happy Lab chocolate balls!!

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Members of Hong De, Khuan Yee, Singapore Yi Wei and UK Yi Dao with Siow Sifu outside Wan Seng Hang

Hong De, Jin Wu Koon, Chinese Youth League and Khuan Yee at Market City LionFest2008

Glen Waverley Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival 2009 - Hong De and Khuan Yee teams

Hong De and Prosperous Mountain LD (Canberra) at the Sydney Opera House

Jin Wu Koon, Chinese Youth League, Prosperous Mountain and Hong De at the Sydney Opera House

Khuan Yee and Hong De lions at The CNY and Lantern Festival, Glen

 Moomba Parade 2010 - DTF's from CYSM, HGYS and Hong De

Indonesia KSK and Kong Ha Hong, Sentosa, Singapore - 2011

Centenary Concert with CYSM and HGYS (2011)

Melbourne Chinatown

Indonesia Kong Ha Hong, Jakarta

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